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Fun Day At The Beach

I woke up on my day off and decided that I wanted to spend the day at the beach. The first thing that I did was make a call to the Nottingham escort agency to see if they had a fit looking girl to accompany me for the day. I am fit myself,so I love to have a sexy woman walk around the white sandy beaches with me.

We walked for miles up and down the shorelines holding hands and kissing; it was so romantic. I played a game or two of volleyball with a couple of kids hanging out on that hot day. My companion collected a bunch of shells for me to take home with me to remember our date. Ever since that day, we still call each other and go out once a month to have lots of fun.

Gay marriages are upon us

It is too bad I have to say this about gay fuck buddy dating, but it is indeed about time. The days of gay and lesbian civil weddings and marriages have finally come of age in America. It shows some cultural and political maturity on the part of those who have to make decisions for the silent minorities. Historically, this country has had to make staunch oppositional decisions to assure the rights of those who had no voice. Gay marriage rights are now in that arena. I still do not believe that it becoming legal in some states will ever make it acceptable, but making it legal assures that the rights of all citizens are activated and acknowledged. This is the hallmark of a civilized community.

A Stormy Vacation Night

After a long project, my supervisor chose to give me a week off. Rather than sit at home alone, I decided to rent a small cottage at the beach. It was off season, and the price was well within my budget. I looked forward to relaxing on the beach, taking long walks and resting. What I forget to take into account was the storm that raged a few nights later.

Once the storm began, the windows shook and the power went out. It seemed to take ages before I found and lit a candle. There was a pounding on my door shortly afterward, and I opened it to find the woman from the next cottage standing on my doorstep. Her cottage had no candles, and she had seen the light in my window and sought shelter with me.

There wasn’t much to do, so we passed the hours talking. The wind continued to rise, and we decided it would be best if she spent the night. I was prepared to make up the guest room, but she said she’d rather sleep with me. The casual sex in Birmingham would help her remain calm since the weather frightened her. It was a wild night, and one of the best vacations I can remember.

Best Meal Ever

After hours in the kitchen I finally completed the perfect meal for my fuck buddy Manchester. I know it may be a little overboard cooking for him and all but he needs to see I can be more than just a buddy. I can be a friend to. I met Garrett at a local auction down the road from my house about four months ago. Although it is a weird spot to meet someone like that, it has worked out perfect so far. The only hard thing about this type of relationship is, is keeping a straight face when we are in the same area in town. I went to the auction again last week and he purposely sat 3 seats over from me so he could send me winks and kisses when no one was looking. The horrifying thing about it is that I could not hold a straight face afterwards and I looked like a complete idiot to my friends and neighbors.

Lath Mar Holi, The Festival of Spring!

It’s interesting, American spring festivals tend to include high school bands and clowns with no real reason for celebration. Hindu festivals such as Lath Mar Holi can last up to sixteen days! Sixteen days of celebrating the escape of an important figure named Prahlad from the clutches of the evil demoness Holika. Holika cast him into the fire. Because Prahlad was devoted to the god Vishnu, he was not injured, but Holika was set a blaze. This festival commemorates that significant event.

This is interesting, because its not that much unlike a Christian festival. With the only exception being the worship of a different higher power. However, the main message is the same, devotion to a higher power gives you good blessings. On another note, a lot of people at the festival tend to recreate this legendary event by throwing colored power and water at each other, which is really interesting. In India, the women all gather around and beat men with sticks while spectators watch the action and sing and shout Sri Radhey or Sri Krishna! I guess its some kind of war cry that amps up the crowd and really nails the idea that a significant event took place years ago. In Kumaon, Uttarakhand the festival is dominated by music and hindi phone sex. Everything from classical music to crowds of people singing together as one.

And of course, in all these places bonfires are lit, which is suitable and makes sense, being that the legend has to do so much with fire. In the end, Hindu festivals are not really that different from the festivals I’ve grown up around. After researching the topic, I’ve found that Hindu festivals are filled with passionate people recreating a moment of significance. I would love to be a part of such an event, and be completely immersed in such a ritual of worship. It would be worthwhile.

After Work Models

I work for a reputable company that replaces roofs, driveways and porches. For several years, I have worked from sun up to sun down. I have really never had time for a relationship because when I go home all I do is eat and sleep.

A couple of my coworkers always ask me to join them after work, all they want to do is party, and I am getting too old for that. I gave in three weeks ago and stopped in at the bar right by our jobsite to join them for a couple of drinks. I definitely see why they always want to go out because the Nottingham escorts are their close friends. They all look like models and are striking beautiful! I decided that I am going to start hanging out a little more, and maybe I will get lucky and lure one in.

A Great Laugh

I was sitting at my lecture today when I saw a piece of paper start floating around the classroom. Minutes after sitting down, the paper finally made its way to my desk. When I opened it up, there was a statement written down about how another student heard the teacher having fuck buddy phone sex with his wife before everyone entered the classroom. I couldn’t help but giggle out loud. But when I did, the teacher was quick to come over and take the piece of paper to see what the talk was all about. When he opened up the small piece of paper, he stared at it for a moment, than let out a huge bellowing laugh. He stated in front of everyone that we were all adults and if none of us tried this before we hit 40, we were missing out on life. In return this gave the class one more laugh.


There are lots of reason why I enjoy going to my local pub for a drink rather than staying at home and drinking on my own and one of them is because I love to eavesdrop on the many conversations that are going on around me.

Some of the topics of conversation can be quite shocking; others can be very sad and depressing. Last night I overheard a conversation between two young men who were talking in a lots of detail about what they get up to with their fuck buddies. They were very explicit about their exploits to say the least!

Last Friday night I overheard two elderly women who were reminiscing about their youth and laughing about some of the things they used to get up to…they were very funny.

Eavesdropping can be a great form of entertainment and it doesn’t cost a penny!